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Seal Kayaking Adventure @ Pelican Point

Blue Skies

Follow our guide vehicle in your 4x4 (SUV/Pickup truck) enjoying a 40km scenic drive from Walvis Bay to Pelican Point, across the ocean's edge of the Namib Desert past bright pink salt lakes and protected wetlands with thousands of birds. There is some parts of thick sand along the way.

Here we start kayaking near the lighthouse and over to the seal colonies. No special fitness or experience is needed and the whole family is welcome.

Excellent bird viewing is available, delightful seals and often Bottlenose Dolphins come to play around your kayak.

All tours start at 8am, due to the fact that the prevailing weather conditions in Walvis Bay offer a calm period up to about 1pm.

Starting promptly each morning helps us cover the full range of sights to be seen and allows for plenty of photograph opportunities along the way.

NB: ensure your vehicle is 4x4 (SUV/Pickup truck) with good ground clearance and that your insurance policy covers Offroad driving..


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